Microsoft Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences enabling businesses to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs.
Microsoft Power Platform
The Power Platform provides organizations with the opportunity to empower their team members to build their own solutions through an intuitive low-code or no-code set of services.
Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate. Whether you're looking to streamline daily tasks, improve communication, or gain deeper insights from data, Microsoft Copilot offers a comprehensive set of features to empower you and your teams within the Microsoft ecosystem.
Localization Solutions
Yokogawa Votiva Solutions (YVS) is one of the only Microsoft partners to have fully localized the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application for the markets in Southeast Asia. The YVS localization packages are designed to ensure your international business operations run smoothly and efficiently. They help you stay compliant with local regulations, streamline workflows, and empower your global teams with a familiar system in their language.
Vertical Solutions
Yokogawa Votiva Solutions (YVS) offers a full range of business solutions and apps based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. By implementing a vertical solution on top of Dynamics 365, you gain a powerful business management system specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges of your industry. This can lead to increased efficiency, improved decision-making, and a significant competitive advantage.
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